Claim Submission Process

The Competent Authority for IMA cases is planning to call applications for claims from the depositors very shortly with many innovative features to ensure transparency, minimum contact with the Government offices, facilitating filing by depositors who may be from outside Karnataka and simple format.

    Claim submission may be done through IMA Claims Management System software using Operator Assisted Mode (B1, K1 or other service kiosk centres) or Online Mode (using Internet).

The innovative features are:

      1. The application can be filed at any of the B1, K1 or other service kiosk centres of Karnataka on payment of a nominal fees.
      2. The depositors can file application after establishing their identity through any of the following:
        • a. Aadhaar based Biometric authentication against Aadhaar or Ration card number at any of the service kiosks of the Government of Karnataka.
          b. OTP based authentication on Aadhaar seeded mobile number and using online application for filing application from anywhere.
          c. Bank Transaction number-based authentication for token Re.1/- transaction from their IMA bank account to the bank account of Competent Authority and using online application software for filing application from anywhere.
          d. Presenting themselves to the designated officer in person and filing online application through him / her.
      3. Claimants who file through modes (b) and (c) above, will be required to complete their Aadhaar based biometric authentication(as per (a) above) or authentication in front of the designated officer(as per (d) above) before their claim amounts are settled.
      4. Based on their Client ID or Customer ID given by IMA, the details of the depositors will be automatically pulled out from the seized database of the IMA.
      5. All details collected during claim application like PAN number, mobile number, IMA client / customer ID, Aadhaar number, change in bank account number etc. will be validated in real-time so as to avoid the need of manual validation later.
      6. There will be automatic computer matching of Name and Photo of the claimant from different databases like IMA database, Aadhaar database/Ration card database and the Bank account database. This will not only ensure faster validation but will also ensure that there are no chances of manual errors and favouritism.
      7. There will not be any physical collection of documents, but through a mechanism of e-attestation so that there is no chance of these getting lost or fabricated.
      8. A designated special court is being set up for speedy trial and declaration of properties to Competent Authority so that early auction and recovery of the money can be done.
Step-by-Step Claim Submission procedure:

Step 1:Claimant has to establish his / her identity (as explained in Steps 2 to 6 above)

Step 2:Only on successful establishment of identity, the claimant will be able to proceed further. The claimant should have the following details readily available with them

    • Client Id (For LLP Scheme) or Customer Id (For CCS or IMA Gold or IMA Jewels schemes) and Loan Account number/ Receipt number (For IMA Gold scheme and IMA Jewels scheme)
    • Date of Birth
    • Current Mobile Number.
    • E-mail address(optional).
    • Current address.
    • PAN (optional).
    • e-Attestation document number (refer Sl. No. 7 above).
    • Amount Deposited (For LLP & CCS schemes) or Net Weight of Gold and Loan Amount Received (For IMA Gold scheme) or Instalment Amount per Month and Total Amount Deposited so far (For IMA Jewels scheme).
    • Payout Amount Received (For LLP & CCS schemes).
    • Principle Amount withdrawn (For LLP & CCS schemes) or Loan Amount Repaid through instalments (For IMA Gold scheme).
    • Amount Claimed (For LLP & CCS schemes).

Documents to be e-Attested by the Claimant are:

LLP Scheme/CCS scheme: IMA Investment Agreement/ Share certificate, Declaration Form / Capital Withdrawal Receipt (if principle amount withdrawn), Investment proof (Bank statement or cash receipt)

IMA Gold: Gold Pledge Form, Payment Voucher

IMA Jewels: Instalment Paid Receipt, Payment Receipt.

Note: 1. If the claim form is submitted by the nominee, the Death certificate of the Depositor is mandatory (to be e-Attested). 2. For claimants opting for identification before the designated officer, the POI and POA documents are the same as prescribed for getting an Aadhaar number, for e.g. Ration card, EPIC card, PAN card, driving license, passport etc.


Step 3:  Scheme type is selected from a drop-down list. The Scheme types are; LLP scheme, CCS scheme, IMA Gold scheme, IMA Jewels scheme.

Step 4:If the scheme type selected is LLP, system asks to enter “Client Id” given by IMA. If the scheme type selected is CCS or IMA Gold or IMA Jewels, system asks to enter “Customer Id” given by IMA.System then prompts to enter the “Date of Birth” of the claimant.

Step 5:After checking correctness of ID and the DOB, the system generates a unique ‘claim application number’.

Note: If the system is not able to generate the ‘claim application number’ based on ID and DOB, such claimants will be issued a printed endorsement to approach the designated officer at the office of the competent authority to seek further instructions for submitting their claims
System then prompts to enter the “Date of Birth” of the claimant.

Step 6: The System displays the following demographic details from the seized database of the IMA and prompts the claimant to confirm correctness of each detail or else provide the current correct details:

  •  Contact Address
  •  E-mail address(if applicable)
  • PAN (optional)

Step 7: The system prompts to enter following details for claim:

    • e-Attestation document number (if available, else it can be submitted later prior to claim settlement)
    • For LLP & CCS schemes: Amount Deposited, Payout Amount Received, Principle Amount withdrawn and Claim Amount.
    • For IMA Gold scheme Loan account number, Net Weight of Gold, Loan Amount Received and loan Amount Repaid through installments.
    • For IMA Jewels scheme: Receipt number, Instalment Amount per Month and Total Amount Deposited.